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Suzuki is a Japanese automobile manufacturer which has created many solid and conceptual automobiles over the years. At, we sell Suzuki Keyless Remotes & Car Remote Accessories for many models. Use the menu above to navigate to the year in which your Suzuki automobile was made. Keyless remote entry systems are an expected feature on cars and trucks these days. Suzuki fobs have been standard issue for decades. There are times when a keyless entry fob or key will fall off a cliff into a waterfall or get tossed out of the window by an unruly child. When this happens, finding Suzuki Key Fob replacements usually means riding your bike to the dealership. Customer service may make you jump through hoops to verify ownership. They could make you wait several months, because a replacement key will have to be ordered and the new key has to be activated so it will work. However, we sell aftermarket replacement keyless entry devices and have products for sale at a lower cost than many dealerships.

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The used and remanufactured aftermarket kits are inspected to meet factory specifications. All of the Suzuki replacement keyless remotes & Suzuki Key Fob parts are programmed to work with your exact model, and these replacement system components meet the same standards as Original Equipment from the manufacturer.

The Suzuki keyless remotes & Suzuki replacement keyless remote components that can be purchased online at will work with most factory O.E.M. systems. All refurbished and remanufactured components are Suzuki original equipment and are reset to factory conditions. There are also entry systems available for installation that are not designed and built by the car manufacturer. Keyless entry components for aftermarket installations will meet the requirements of the manufacturer who built the system. Although these systems are not original factory equipment they do provide the convenience of OEM components at a lower price. Keyless entry systems have become something we cannot live without.

On-line suppliers of systems and replacement parts for keyless entry systems make it easier to find the correct parts at a lower price and be on the road sooner.