Key Fobs

Trying to find a replcement electronic Key Fob for your automobile? offers replacement key fobs at fractions of the price at which you'd find them at your local dealership.

Key fobs allow you to unlock your car or truck using a keychain-remote. These often include a series of buttons on the face of the remote, allowing the user to unlock the car, pop the trunk, open the doors of mini-van, and even set the automobile's alarm off in case of an emergency. Most key fobs now come equipped with Remote Keyless Ignition (RKI), which allows you to remotely start the vehicle while within a certain proximity. These newer, "smart" key fobs are hand free, meaning if the vehicle is equipped with an advanced key system, a vehicle can be unlocked without driver input which is very useful in many situations. These advanced keyless systems also extend into auto ignition and can be programmed to unlock and start a vehicle without any button activation. These systems are secure; utilizing specific radio bands and encryption to deter sniffing and replication of wireless key signals. There are several RKE systems on the market, including but not limited to KeeLoq by Microchip, HITAG by Philips, and AVR411 by Atmel.

For all of these reasons, there are no excuses not to upgrade to a remote key fob system if you have not already. provides key fobs for virtually all automobile brands at a price much lower than that of your local car dealership. Keyless-remotes also provides programming and reprogramming instructions for all specific key fobs that we offer, as well as keyless entry remote covers.