2006 KIA Spectra Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob

2006 KIA Spectra Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob

This is a genuine KIA remote and will work with the factory remote keyless entry system (RKE) on the cars in the chart below. Your vehicle must have the factory RKE system on it. Customers are responsible  to determine if they have this option and to purchase the correct remote for  their vehicle.

Programming:  This remote must be programmed to your vehicle.  Programming can only be done by a dealer or technician with the correct electronic equipment.  You can set an appointment for this, or have it done the next time your car is in the shop, like for a tune up or oil change.  Some automotive locksmiths can do this for you as well. Programming fees are not included in price.

Numbers on this remote:
P/N:           95430-2F310
CAN:        850F-OKA630T 

Condition: Used or Refurbished

This remote fits the marked cars:

Make Model


KIA Spectra O
S = Standard Equipment. O = Optional - depends on trim level or option package installed. (Keyless entry is not standard equipment on this car) 

NOTE: This remote does NOT fit the Spectra 5 (a hatchback version of the Spectra) - see our other listings.  Also, this remote looks like the 2004-2005 remote but it is NOT the same as those years.

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PRICE:  $69.95