Ford Keyless Entry Remote Transmitter

Ford Keyless Entry Remote TransmitterThis remote will work with the factory installed remote keyless entry (RKE) system on the vehicles listed below. Your vehicle must have the factory RKE system installed on it. Customers are responsible to determine if they have this option and to purchase the correct remote for their vehicle. All of our remotes come with new batteries and are tested before shipment.

PROGRAMMING: The remote you purchase needs to be programmed to work on your vehicle. Easy, do it yourself programming instructions are included with the purchase. These instructions are done by you. If you need any help with programming contact our customer service.

Numbers on remote:

Part #: (2L3T/ 8L3T /F8DB/F87B)-15K601
FCC ID: CWTWB1U331 or CWTWB1U345 or CWTWB1U212 or GQ43VT11T

Notes: Keyless entry was not standard equipment on all the vehicles listed. Some vehicles came with an optional dealer installed aftermarket system. This remote will not work if you have that option. 

This remote fits the vehicles listed below:

• Ford E-Series Van (1999-2012)
• Ford Escape (2001-2006)
• Ford Excursion (2000-2005)
• Ford Expedition (1998-2002)
• Ford Explorer (1998-2001)
• Ford Explorer Sport 2-Door (1998-2002)
• Ford Explorer Sport Trac (2001-2010)
• Ford F-Series Pickup (1998-2012)
• Ford Freestar (2004-2007)
• Ford Freestyle (2005-2007)
• Ford Ranger (1998-2012)
• Ford Windstar (1998-2003)
• Lincoln Mark LT (2006-2008)
• Lincoln Navigator (1998-2002)
• Mazda B-Series Pickup (1998-2009)
• Mazda Tribute (2001-2007)
• Mercury Mariner (2005-2006)
• Mercury Monterey (2004-2007)
• Mercury Mountaineer (1998-2001)
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