Ford Transponder Key Blank

Ford Transponder Key Blank

This is an original equipment transponder key with Ford emblem and will work on the cars in the chart below.  This is a "transponder" key.  Most modern automobiles have keys with transponders hidden inside the plastic head of the key. When a key is inserted into the ignition lock cylinder and turned, the car's computer sends a radio signal to the transponder. Unless the transponder replies with a valid code, the computer will not allow the engine to be started. Transponder keys have no battery; they are energized by the radio signal itself.

This is a blank key that must be cut to match your current key.  Many hardware stores or locksmiths can do this for you.  In addition, your car must be trained to recognize the transponder.  You can do this yourself provided you already have two working transponder keys.  Programming procedures to do this are included.  NOTE: Some aftermarket keys are CLONE keys. IF ONE OF YOUR TWO WORKING KEYS IS A CLONE KEY THE ON-BOARD PROGRAMMING WILL NOT WORK!  If you do not have two working, factory transponder keys, you will have to have a dealer or locksmith do the programming. 

This key fits the following cars:

Make Model 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
Ford Crown Victoria     S S S S S        
Ford Excursion         S S S S S S S
Ford Expedition   S S S S S S        
Ford Explorer     S S S            
Ford F150, F250, F350       S S S S S      
Ford Ranger       S S            
Ford Taurus S S S S              
Ford Windstar     S S S            
Ford Mustang   S S S S S S S S    
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