Pontiac Keyless Remotes & Car Remote Accessories

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Did you lose or break your Pontiac key or entry remote? We've got you covered. Pontiac keyless remotes & Pontiac replacement keyless remote are offered in various colors, designs, and textures. Your doors will be unlocked at the push of a button, and you will never have to worry about dropping your key down a drain or snake hole. Don't forget that some keyless remote also open trunks and activate your horn. Now you can find your car easier in a crowded lot!

Pontiac keys

Pontiac keyless remotes & Pontiac replacement key fobs available for models made between the years of 1992 to 2009, including the Bonneville, Grand Am, Firebird, Sunfire, Grand Prix, and more! If your car already has a keyless entry system installed, your extra keyless remote can be programmed to your car specifically. You can choose to get a used keyless remote or a brand new keyless remote. We offer both three and four button remotes for Pontiac cars.

There are also accessories that you can get to protect your keyless remotes. Whether you want a leather protective case to avoid rain, snow, spills, or drops, or you'd like a protective-silicone cover that come in a variety of colors. You can choose between blue, orange, gray, yellow, red, pink, black, purple, and even camouflage. You could get a keyless remote to match every outfit!

Pontiac keyless remote & Pontiac replacement keyless remote work as smooth as a summer breeze! You can lock and unlock your doors, activate the horn, as well as open the trunk on some models. Keep in mind that the car does need to have power locks in order to have a keyless remote. Every style and feature is included in our OEM remodels.