Keyless Remote Programming Instructions

Keyless remote transmitters must be programmed to the specific car or truck that it will be used on. This is often a simple procedure that you can do yourself without any special tools and will only take a few minutes. The remote programming instructions vary from vehicle to vehicle and year to year. Thus, you need to have the specific programming instructions for your make/model/year. Whenever possible, Keyless Remotes provides programming instructions with each keyless remote that we sell.

Certain vehicle makes and models have keyless remotes that can only be programmed by taking it to a dealer or a qualified automobile technician. These keyless entry systems require the use of diagnostic equipment hooked up to your car's computer.

On most newer cars that can be programmed yourself, it the programming process usually involves some combination of turning the key on and off a certain number of times; pressing different buttons in a certain sequence; opening and closing the doors, etc. The first time you encounter these programming methods, they can seem rather strange, but this is simply the way the manufacturer's made the car and keyles entry system.

On some older cars, you might have to find and jump the programming connector. The connector could be located under the dash board, in the trunk, behind the glove box, and various other places. Other times you will have to locate the data link connector and jump a couple of the terminals. This will require a moderate amount of technical 'expertise' on your part. The data link connector is the 'plug' that technicians use to hook up to your car's computer.

At Keyless Remotes, we do our best to indicate whether your car can be programmed yourself and whether programming instructions are included with the remote or not. Browse our full selection of keyless remote systems to find the keyless remote that works with your vehicle.