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At, we offer new and refurbished keyless entry remotes, transponder keys, programming information, and keyless remote accessories. We offer chip keys, car fobs, clickers and replacement keyless entry for automobiles of every make and model. We accept most major credit cards and support PayPal and Google Checkout. Items are normally shipped within one day by first class mail. US orders typically take 3-7 days for delivery. Priority mail and Express mail are also viable options.

Replacement Keyless Entry Remote & Replacement Key FOBs

You have come to the most trusted online source for car key fobs, keyless entry remotes, car remote programming instructions and smart key replacements for automobiles. We meticulously create in-depth programming instructions for each vehicle so you don't have to wait for the dealership to activate your new key. We make it easy to find the key for your exact make and model with our drill-down menu above. Our key fobs and key remotes are available at a fraction of the cost you would pay at your local auto dealership. From Cars to trucks, imported to domestic, have replacement car key fobs and remotes for just about every brand of automobile!

We offer the following keyless remote entry keys:

We also carry key covers, key chains, accessories for key remotes, and transponder cases.

Remote Keyless Entry & Replacement Remotes

Don't order from the dealership. It's too much of a hassle. Our smart-keys and transponder keys are true OEM. offers a 12-month Warranty on all of car remotes.

We offer refurbished transponder keys from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Of course, this is why is the leading online retailer of replacement keyless entry remotes.

Keyless entry remotes, or (RKS, RKE) allow owners to unlock their car or truck with the click of a button from a key fob, keychain, or on the key itself. These are also other vehicle features such as opening the trunk or turning on the interior lights to increase visibility at night or in inclement weather. Also, our newer keys remotely start the vehicle aka RKI (Remote Keyless Ignition), which is becoming standard on new makes of most models of automobiles. Remote starts are found mostly on GM vehicles such as Chevy, Cadillac, Nissan, Pontiac, and Ford cars. Remote keyless systems include a standard remote keyless entry system and a remote keyless ignition system and even more recent models include a proximity-detector-based system that is triggered when the key fob, remote or remote transponder moves within a set distance of the car or truck. Such smart lock proximity systems are usually installed on high-end models or cars with complete feature packages. Smart key fobs are hands free, meaning if the vehicle is equipped with an advanced key system, a vehicle can be unlocked without driver input. These advanced keyless systems also extend into auto ignition and can be programmed to unlock and start a vehicle without any button activation. These systems are secure; utilizing specific radio bands and encryption to deter sniffing and replication of wireless key signals. There are several RKE systems on the market, including but not limited to KeeLoq by Microchip, HITAG by Philips, and AVR411 by Atmel.

Keyless Entry Remotes perform all of the functions of standard keys and more with additional security and ease-of-use. In addition to our large selection of remote smart keys, we offer various fob covers and key remote covers- a worthwhile accessory for protecting your investment. Our website offers many styles and colors to choose from as well as unique cases for each model remote. We sell aftermarket code systems which can replace standard keyless remote systems and include programming instructions for programming the keyless remotes. In addition to keyless remote replacements and aftermarket replacement remotes we offer batteries that fit dozens of different keyless remotes. Often a keyless remote will be working order but with an expired or non-functional battery. Our replacement batteries can get a keyless remote working in no time!

For more information about remote keyless entry systems, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.